Fabrizio Rosini CEO & Founder

“Since I was 7 I’ve played tennis and during all my competitions I’ve paid attention to all the details that could help me to obtain the success and a lot of these were about superstitious rites, both mental and physical.

That’s where Byamulet comes from, it’s a brand that wants to connect luck, an important element for all the sportsmen, to high performing products; in fact it will be proposed in different lines with different amulets, so that all the player will be able to find in our products an high performing lucky charm. But remember when you go to fight BE YOUR AMULET.”


The history of the luck horn-shaped pendant put its roots in ancient times.
Its symbology is widespread in many cultures, from the Jewish and Christian one, to the Sumerian and Siberian shamans.

The belief that the red horn is a symbol of luck dates back to the Prehistoric Era when the cavemen hang on the doorway of their shelters horns of death animals, symbol of power and prosperity, and even fertility.

For ages, many great commanders asked for portraits of themselves with these horns on the head, since the horn was considered a symbol of supremacy and divine bloodline.

The people, fascinated by the charm and the power of these powerful commanders, started to made small objects, a sort of amulets hornshaped with poor materials like wood or pottery.